Objective computer awareness by Arihant pdf latest edition

Objective computer awareness by Arihant pdf latest edition| Best Computer Awareness books for SBI, IBPS, RRB, SSC, JKSSB and other competitive exams.

Download the Pdf of latest edition of Computer Awareness by Arihant Publications, which is an must have source of basic computer knowledge important for all competitive exams like JKSSB, JKPSC, BANK PO, SSC, RRB, UPSC/IAS, and All-State Exams. Arihant Computer Awareness book provides a deep and wider knowledge of computers with sufficient theory + Chapter-wise objectives. This PDF book has been specially developed for the aspirants of Accounts Assistant Recruitment Exam conducted by JKSSB. Based on the current pattern of the examination, the book is highly recommended to be familiar with the exam pattern. Separate sections have been provided in the book for detailed study and practice of important subjects of the exam. All the practice questions have been solved by respective subject-experts with due diligence.


    1. Introduction to Computer
    2. Computer Architecture
    3. Computer Hardware
    4. Computer Memory
    5. Data Representation
    6. Computer Software
    7. Programming Concepts
    8. Microsoft Windows
    9. Microsoft Office
    10. Database Concepts
    11. Data Communication and Networking
    12. Internet and its Services
    13. Computer Security 
Objective computer awareness by Arihant pdf latest edition| Best Computer Awareness books for SBI, IBPS, RRB, SSC, JKSSB and other competitive exams.


    1. Book Name: Objective Computer Awareness by Arihant
    2. Author: Arihant Experts
    3. ISBN: 978_93_13168_80


    1.  Introduction to computers (Functions, History, Generations, Classification, and features of Computers)
    2. Computer Architecture ( Components of Computers such as Central Processing Unit CPU, Input and Output devices, Control Unit, Arithmetic Logic Unit ALU, Memory Unit, Registers)
    3. Input and Output Devices
    4. Computer Memory (Types of Memory like Primary and Secondary Memory)
    5. Data Representation (Number System, Types of Number System, Computer Codes)
    6. Computer Software (System Software &Application Software)
    7. Operating System (Types AND Functions
    8. Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Outlook)
    9. Data Concept (Fundamental of Database, Types of Database, Database Management System DBMS, Architecture of DBMS, Advantages of DBMS, Disadvantages of DBMS, Relations Data Base Management System RDMS)
    10. Data Communication and Networking (Data Communication, Types of Communication Channel, Communication Media, Computer Networking, Network Devices, Network Topology, Network Related Terms 
    11. Internet and Services (Internet Advantages and Disadvantages, internet connections, Interconnecting Protocols, Internet-related terms)
    12. Microsoft Windows (Versions of Windows, Programs inside the Windows)
    13. Computer Security (Methods of Protection, Components of Computer Security, Sources of Attack, Solutions to a computer security threat,)
    14. Abbreviations


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