4th August Most Important Current Affairs for JKSSB and JK Bank Exams.

Daily Current Affairs for Jkssb and Jk Bank Po exams. 

Hello Aspirants current affairs carry a weightage of 5-20% in almost every JKSSB exam. As we all are aware of the fact that even a single point is crucial for your selection in this recruitment. So preparing this portion of your syllabus is very important. But what study source you should refer to, Worried!!!  

Aspirants your favorite portal compile 15 most important current affairs daily for you so that you do not have to waste your precious time searching for it.

August Most Important Current Affairs for JKSSB and JK Bank Exams.

Q.1) Hardik Satishchandra Shah has been appointed as the Private Secretary to which of the following official?
(1) Ram Nath Kovind
(2) M. Venkaiah Naidu
(3) Om Birla
(4) Narendra Modi
Correct Answer - (4) Narendra Modi
Explanation: 2010-batch IAS officer, Hardik Satishchandra Shah has been appointed the Private Secretary (PS) to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on co-terminus basis. He is is currently serving as a Deputy Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Q.2) How many total states have adopted the ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’ plan of the Central government to date?
(1) 24
(2) 28
(3) 23
(4) 21
Correct Answer - (1) 24
Four additional states, namely Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur, Nagaland, and Uttarakhand have been to the One Nation One Ration Card scheme have been integrated with the ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’ plan of the Central government. With this, now a total of 24 States/UTs are connected under One Nation One Ration Card effective from 01 August 2020.

Q.3) Which Indian state has become the first in India to pass Bills for having 3 capitals of the state?
(1) Himachal Pradesh
(2) Gujarat
(3) Andhra Pradesh
(4) Uttarakhand
Correct Answer - (3) Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh is going to become the first state in India, to have three capitals. On 31st July 2020, Andhra Pradesh Governor Biswa Bhusan Harichandan approved Two Bills: the ‘The AP Decentralization and Inclusive Development of all Regions Bill-2020’ and ‘APCRDA (Repeal) Bill -2020’, to make them law.

Q.4) Who among the following has won the Formula One British Grand Prix 2020?
(1) Sebastian Vettel
(2) Charles Leclerc
(3) Max Verstappen
(4) Lewis Hamilton
Correct Answer - (4) Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes-Great Britain) has won the Formula One British Grand Prix 2020 held on August 02, 2020. He came first, despite a puncture during the last lap. Max Verstappen ended up second in this F1 race while Charles Leclerc came third. This is the third win for Hamilton in this season of F1 races.

Q.5) Which of the ministries under the govt. of India won the SKOCH Gold Award for its one of the projects?
(1) Ministry of Agriculture
(2) Ministry of Tribal Affairs
(3) Ministry of Commerce and Industry
(4) Ministry of Consumer Affairs
Correct Answer - (2) Ministry of Tribal Affairs
SKOCH Gold Award has been awarded to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) for its “Empowerment of Tribals through IT-enabled Scholarship Schemes” project. The project was launched to show the Government of India’s commitment to realize the dreams of Digital India and bringing transparency as well as ease in the delivery of services.

Q.6) Name the first Arab country to launch the regions first-ever nuclear energy based power plant
‘Barakah Nuclear Plant’?
(1) United Arab Emirates
(2) Iraq
(3) Qatar
(4) Turkey
Correct Answer - (1) United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made a remarkable achievement by becoming the first country in the Arab World to produce nuclear energy, when the Unit 1 of the Barakah Nuclear Plant in Abu Dhabi, got operational on 31 July 2020.

Q.7) Which among these companies is the most valuable companies in the world in terms of m-cap as of 1 August 2020?
(1) Apple
(2) Samsung
(3) Amazon
(4) Saudi Aramco
Correct Answer - (1) Apple
Technology giant Apple Inc. has become the world’s most valuable publicly-traded company in the world on 31st July 2020, surpassing the state oil giant Saudi Aramco. The shares of Apple closed up 10.47% on 31 July, giving it a market valuation of $1.84 trillion.

Q.8) The ‘Kona Kona Umeed’ campaign has been launched by which bank to provide great offers and
deals to its customers?
(1) Yes Bank
(2) Kotak Mahindra Bank
(3) ICICI Bank
(4) HDFC Bank
Correct Answer - (2) Kotak Mahindra Bank
The private sector lender, Kotak Mahindra Bank, has announced the launch of a two-month-long
campaign called ‘Kona Kona Umeed’ with huge offers and discounts to lift hope and optimism among its customers amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Q.9) Which country was the Chair of the BRICS Environment Ministers’ Meeting 2020, held recently?
(1) China
(2) South Africa
(3) India
(4) Russia
Correct Answer - (4) Russia
The 6th edition of the BRICS Environment Ministers’ Meeting was held on 30 July 2020 through a video conference. The conference was held under the presidency of Russia. The Environment Ministers of the five BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) participated in the event.

Q.10) Which state govt. launched ‘Agni-Shama Seva’ online portal to assist in issuing fire
safety certificates to different categories of buildings?
(1) Madhya Pradesh
(2) Uttar Pradesh
(3) Punjab
(4) Odisha
Correct Answer - (4) Odisha
Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik has launched ‘Odisha Agni-Shama Seva’ online portal. The portal will assist in issuing fire safety certificates to different categories of buildings through online mode. As many as eight services online will be provided through the portal. Patnaik has directed the Fire Services Department to add other services before October 2, 2020.

Q.11) Name the Indian chess player who has clich├ęd Silver medal in the 2020 Biel International Chess
Festival held in Switzerland?
(1) Sandipan Chanda
(2) Tejas Bakre
(3) Pentala Harikrishna
(4) Magesh Chandran
Correct Answer - (3) Pentala Harikrishna
Indian Grandmaster Pentala Harikrishna lost to Poland”s Radoslaw Wojtaszek to settle for silver in the 2020 Biel International Chess Festival. 2020 Biel International Chess Festival was the 53rd edition of the annual chess tournament, held in Switzerland.

Q.12) Hamed Bakayoko has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of which of the following
(1) Ivory Coast
(2) Mali
(3) Senegal
(4) Ghana
Correct Answer - (1) Ivory Coast
Hamed Bakayoko, the Defence Minister of Ivory Coast, has been appointed as the Prime Minister of the country on 30 July 2020. However, he will continue to serve his defense role also.

Q.13) Who is the author of the book ‘Greenlights’ going to be published in October 2020?
(1) Harper Lee
(2) Mark Twain
(3) Matthew McConaughey
(4) John Steinbeck
Correct Answer - (3) Matthew McConaughey
Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey has announced his book, Greenlights, is to be published on Oct. 20. In the diaries, the 50-year-old actor recorded “anything that turned me on, turned me off, made me laugh, made me cry, made me question or kept me up at night.”

Q.14) Which space agency with United Launch Alliance (ULA) has launched Mars 2020 Perseverance
Rover Mission to Red Planet?
(1) Space X
(2) NASA
(3) ISRO
(4) JAXA
Correct Answer - (2) NASA
NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission is on its way to the Red Planet to search for signs of ancient life and collect samples to send back to Earth.

Q.15) What is the theme of World Breastfeeding Week 2020?
(1) Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding
(2) Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet
(3) Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life
(4) Sustaining Breastfeeding Together
Correct Answer - (2) Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet
World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated annually during the first week of August (1st – 7th Aug) in over 120 countries around the world; and the week commemorates the signing of the Innocenti Declaration in August 1990. The theme of World Breastfeeding Week 2020 is “Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet”.

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