17th July Top 20 Current Affairs MCQ'S for JKSSB and JK Bank Exams

17th July Top 20 Current Affairs MCQ' S for JKSSB and JK Bank Exams by

17th July Top 20 Current Affairs MCQ'S for JKSSB and JK Bank Exams

Who has been appointed as interim BCCI CEO?
a)      Anil Kumble
b)      Rahul Dravid
c)      Hemang Amin
d)      Srikanth

Who has become the new brand ambassador of Sports Adda?
a)      Virat Kohli
b)     Brett Lee
c)      Shikhar Dhawan
d)      None of these

Which country has banned its telecom companies from sourcing 5G equipment from Huawei?
a)      France
b)      Germany
c)      United Kingdom
d)      United States

Which nation revoked its controversial directive to deport International students?
a)      Australia
b)     US
c)      Canada
d)      UK

Recently Union Human Resource Development Ministry has issued which guidelines for digital education?
a)      PRAVESH
b)      PRAYAS
c)      PRAGYATA
d)      None of these

Name the winner of the ‘Top Publicist’ honour of Global Humanitarian Award 2020 by the World
Humanitarian Drive (WHD)?
a)      Kumar Keshav
b)      Rakesh Gaur
c)      Sachin Awasthi
d)      Priyanka Kumar

Recently passed away Brahm Vasudeva was a chairman of which company?
a)      Godrej
b)     Hawkins Cookers
c)      Dabur
d)      None of these

Who has developed the P7 Heavy Drop System?
a.      DRDO
b.      HAL
c.      ISRO
d.      NASA

Who among these has been appointed as the Vice-President of ADB from India?
a)     Ashok Lavasa
b)      Om Prakash Rawat
c)      Sunil Arora
d)      Achal Kumar Jyoti

Which country has announced an Open Sky Agreement with India?
a)      Australia
b)     UAE
c)      Japan
d)      None of these

What is Jio Glass?
(1) Headset
(2) Radio
(3) Television
(4) OTT platform

Which country has successfully launched the APSTAR-6D telecommunications satellite?
a)      Russia
b)     China
c)      Japan
d)      None of these

Recently, at which airport has India’s first contactless car parking been built?
a)      New Delhi
b)     Hyderabad
c)      Mumbai
d)      None of these

UNICEF India has launched the #Reimagine Campaign in partnership with which entity to support
the most vulnerable populations and children during Covid-19 crisis?
a)      NITI Aayog
b)     FICCI
c)      CII
d)      TERI

India held a summit with which bloc on July 15?
a)     EU
b)      ASEAN
c)      SAARC
d)      G20

Recently Google has announced the acquisition of what percentage stake in Jio platform?
a)      4.9%
b)      6.4%
c)      7.7%
d)      None of these

Which state government has approved the formation of a study committee for the formation of new districts?
a)      Haryana
b)     Andhra Pradesh
c)      Chhattisgarh
d)      None of these

Who has been awarded the Infra Business Leader of the Year award?
a)      Khushveer Singh
b)      Dilip Singh
c)      Ved Parkash Dudeja
d)      None of these

Where is India’s first cable rail bridge being constructed by Indian Railways?
a)      Himachal Pradesh
b)     Jammu and Kashmir
c)      Uttarakhand
d)      None of these

Which company has announced to train 01 million teachers with CBSE?
a)      Microsoft
b)      Facebook
c)      Google
d)      None of these

Who is the author of the novel ‘If It Bleeds’?
a.      James Patterson
b.      J.K. Rowling
c.      Mary Higgins Clark
d.     Stephen King

Who among the following has won the ‘Infra Business Leader of the Year’ Award 2020 at the first
Rail Infra and Mobility Business Digital Awards (RIMBDA)
a.      Amudhan Valavan
b.     Ved Parkash Dudeja
c.      Tansen Chaudhary
d.      Janak Panchal

APSTAR-6D satellite is a broadband communications satellite launched successfully by which
country into the orbit?
a.      Germany
b.     China
c.      Israel
d.      Russia

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